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Why The Frown?

Why The Frown?

I am a passionate believer in the need for kids to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from sun exposure & truly love being able to share our incredible range with all our Aussie & Kiwi families.


But Why The Frown?


For me that ‘ah ha' moment came when my son was 12 mths old & running errands attached to my hip. I would always have my sunnies close by for that moment the outdoors were about to hit. For him though It was a screwed up face & diving into my shoulder each time we stepped outside..!!!.. Why should I be wearing sunglasses & he not! Why not provide the same level of comfort for my son? Why not protect his eyes from the permanent effects of the sun’s uv as I do my own?! This was the beginning for me & it was time to stop the frown!


What followed was even more ‘ohhh’ moments when I realised the significant impact sun exposure, and specifically UV damage, has on the eyes of kids. I was shocked and upset with myself for not knowing this sooner and wanted to share this experience and new found awareness.


Now I often will see a family out & about enjoying quality time & making memories. Mum & Dad wearing sunnies but the kids not. In those moments, I just want to whip out one of the large plethora of shades I have on hand for my kids (comes with the territory when you sell sunnies for a business) & share my ‘ah ha' moment with those families!


Yes, there may be many reasons why the kids aren't wearing sunglasses - hard to keep on, another thing for mum and dad to carry, they will get lost, couldn't find a style that would last longer than a few bumps.... I am a Mum too & can appreciate all of that. But as with most things in parenting / life - practice, persistence & patience will pay off & I found the best range available to solve those problems.


Of course we want to see as many kids out there wearing our Real Kids Shades & looking utterly adorable - haven't come across a kid yet that doesn't look completely awesome in shades. BUT the main reason for our little business is to educate & share our message that sunglasses are important, especially important, for kids to wear everyday.




Help share this message, start the conversations & lets look after the bright futures of the amazing kids in our lives & our communities!


Much love & thank you, Aleysha


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